Consultancy Prices

Need help writing your book? Have you hit a plateau? Are you stagnating? It is quite common for writers to hit blocks and this is a natural part of the process. Rest assured, everything is going to be fine.

For a small investment we can help you through the rest of the process—one that can sometimes feel like pushing a big rock up a bigger mountain.

The items below can be bought as singles or as blocks, and there is no contract to sign, or administrative fees to cover.
For 1–1 tuition, we charge an hourly rate of £55.
- 1 x session for £55

- 5 x sessions for £250

- 10 x sessions for £500 (plus 1 free session)
For basic information and help such as mentoring, brainstorming, breaking writer’s block, suggestions regarding publishing, this service will fit your needs.

Sometimes it is not the ideal arrangement that we take over your entire project and assign a ghostwriter. If this is the case, we can work in a very different way. With first hand knowledge of the writing process and the struggles at the different stages, we will confidently lead you forward and through. From whatever stage you are currently held at, we can help you flow again. The goal—to get to the next stage. And after that, the next—and on it goes.

For writers who cannot afford the higher rates that ghostwriting demands and wish to continue working on their own book but just need guidance, support and encouragement, please reach out to us. We have the knowledge, methods and time available to help you with the most important thing you will ever do – write your own book. Follow us at the Ghostwriter Notebook for weekly articles on writing, including tips for breaking writer’s block (more coming soon).
* For ghostwriter prices, please click here.
* This service is not limited to memoirs, autobiographies and fiction, but also includes other writing requirements such as letter writing as listed in the writing section of this web-site.
* Payment is in advance, currently by cheque, or bank transfer.