The London Ghostwriting Company are a team of published authors, freelance writers, scriptwriters, editors, book designers, journalists and illustrators based in London but travelling the world as ghostwriters chasing stories. We provide the full range of literary requirements, from copyediting of a novella manuscript to the self-publication of a life story.
We can work as mentors for writers who need help and guidance whilst writing their books and we have contacts in publishing when you are ready to submit your manuscript for agency consideration. Our main focus and experience is to help you write your life story. We have years of experience in conducting the interviews and structuring autobiographical life story into a memoirs format that is well organised, professional and most importantly—well written.
As a fast-growing team, we work thoroughly, professionally, and we work together – which is one of our unique traits as a ghostwriting service – you don’t just get one ghostwriter, you get the entire team…

Dr. Hester Vaizey is a fellow of Clare College, Cambridge and an award-winning author of four books. Her interest in stories about people quickly encouraged Hester down the road of history as a subject. Three degrees from Cambridge later, and five years working there as a professional historian, Hester is now fully trained in bringing other people’s stories to life. Her book Surviving Hitler’s War (Palgrave, 2010) won the Fraenkel Prize for Contemporary History in 2009. Other works include Keep Britain Tidy and other posters from the Nanny State and Born in the GDR, Living in the Shadow of the Wall. Hester has written for the books pages of the Financial Times, the Guardian, History Today, the Independent, the Spectator and the THES. She has also done research for the Financial Times, the Guardian and the Commission for Looted Art in Europe. She lives in London with her husband and most importantly, works full time as a professional ghostwriter of memoirs and non-fiction. She can also work as story consultant and editor and subsequently, in the course of her work, Hester has helped a number of first time authors transform their ideas into commercially successful books.

Ghostwriter and scriptwriter Luke Shipman is the founder of The London Ghostwriting Company but his background as a story consultant and writer began editing video – which he still claims taught him the fundamentals of structure in story. With an ability to shine as a wordsmith, he started to work as a writer for hire in school – seeing to his friends’ coursework initially. It was Andrew Crofts, the world famous ghostwriter, who gave Luke his big break and since then, Luke has worked as ghostwriter, story consultant and editor on hundreds of commissions for companies and people around the globe. Chairmen, CEOs, and media moguls, Luke has served them all. These days, he works mostly as project manager and he is the go-to man to start your ghostwriting project. He works from his home in South London, enjoys coffee, lifting weights and running. His favourite thing in the world is travel – so if you have a ghostwriting project that will get him up in the skies, then you will be sure to meet this happy chappy. Just have the coffee cupboard well stocked and don’t be alarmed if he turns up with his own mug! With a passion for moving image, he studied film theory, has a BA in Film and Video and an MA in Scriptwriting.

Dean Shanson is a New York Times and Businessweek bestselling ghostwriter, journalist and editor. Specializing in business books, his skills have enabled executives to build personal brands, helped marketing gurus empower entrepreneurs, and allowed professional speakers to multiply their incomes with clear and effective information products. Born in London, Dean has lived in China, Israel and the US. After working as an in-house writer for a museum and an Internet company, Dean began accepting ghostwriting projects in 2001 while serving as the US correspondent for a UK-based trade finance publication. In addition to developing a 40-page ebook into a New York Times bestseller, Dean has also seen works he’s ghostwritten taught on MBA courses and re-commissioned into a third edition. Today, Dean is happy to help successful entrepreneurs, business leaders and others turn their ideas and experiences into books that tell their stories and communicate their ideas clearly and in their own voice.

With a fifteen-year career working as a professional writer and story consultant, and with a side-line vocation as a performer, Jacqueline Haigh is our expert drama story consultant. She is able to re-engineer your creation whilst enhancing the drama and the quality. Having written for film, TV, stage, radio and books, she is the brains when it comes to story design and structure. She has script-edited hundreds of films of every genre and for a variety of writers, directors and producers. She has written and directed award winning short film and stage plays. She is currently in development on several young adult and children’s books, is co-writing an autobiography and working as ghostwriter on several important memoirs projects. ​As a performer, she has worked with actors and directors in theatre and on screen. She particularly loves comedy and often performs in comedy shows and stand up. ​Other recent projects include co-writing a Gothic psychological thriller for the Italian company Moonlight Pictures and writing the magical romantic comedy Midsummer’s Eve. She has a BA Honours in English Literature – Oxford University – and an MA in Scriptwriting from Goldsmiths College – University Of London, where she was the winner of the Olive Till Memorial bursary. Having taught scriptwriting for Film London, London Film Academy, and the University of Essex, Jacqueline is our ‘Number 1’ when it comes to anything screenplay. Her favourite genres include fantasy, comedy and British drama. With an encyclopaedic knowledge of anything spiritual, mystical, conspiratorial and all things magic, Jacqueline is our go-to girl when any story takes place in a galaxy far far away!

Steve Eggleston is from Kentucky. His writing career began in law school as editor of the Law Review. He graduated Valedictorian and thereafter served as an award-winning law professor. As a practising attorney, he wrote, reviewed and edited hundreds of legal briefs. Several of his cases became precedent-setting, but after winning millions of dollars in verdicts, he wanted something new, and transitioned to a full-time entertainment executive position, music manager and eventually… writer. As COO of One Roof Entertainment, he wrote three feature film scripts in collaboration with major motion picture studios and was quickly tapped as COO of Vegas Rocks Magazine & Media, where for four years he covered, photographed and wrote about the biggest pop and rock bands the world has known. Although he had co-written the popular legal practice book, Labor & Employment in California, as a young attorney, it wasn’t until 2014 when he finished his first fiction novel – Conflicted, a Trip Splatter Novel, which was met with critical praise. In 2016 Steve went on to write two new books, Overcoming Your Adversities, co‐written with Dr. Kenneth Polke and The Food Mafia, written in collaboration with motion-picture veteran Jon Gordon. Steve then wrote Flatline: The Day London Died, and a non-fiction with credit, on Ridley’s Fast Diabetes-free Solution. He has taught collegiate history, politics, ethics, copyright and Understanding the Music Business. Because of his diverse background, Steve is called upon to provide ghostwriting, co-writing, story-editing, and consultation services for books, PhD theses, white papers, marketing personas, academic materials and content for websites and online platforms. He lives between San Francisco, and… Las Vegas. If you’re lucky enough to be assigned Steve ‘the Eggman’ as your ghostwriter, you might have your ‘crazy life story’ met with some humbling perspective.

Sue Kelso Ryan is our copy editor extraordinaire, whose skills are unequalled. We had to search far and wide to find her! Her ability to edit anything thrown her way, at top speed and with precision is how we function as a team. She is the glue keeping all of our creative writers sane. Sue is a qualified English teacher, is a member of the Alliance of Commercial Writers and an Intermediate Member of the Society for Editors and Proofreaders, so she ticks all the boxes we could hope for as an editor of ghostwritten fiction and non-fiction. Sue’s ghostwriting credentials include co-author credits for Never Say Diand In the Blink of an Eye.

“I always had a love of words and reading. According to my family, I started talking at six months and I’ve been communicating ever since! I wrote my first serialised novel at the age of thirteen. My working life has revolved around writing and it seemed natural to focus on these skills to help others achieve their dreams. Whether the project involves ghostwriting, copy-editing or proofreading, I work with the client to create the book they always wanted to write. I tackle most things in the course of an average week and variety is one of the pleasures of the job. Nothing beats taking a raw manuscript and turning it into a thing of beauty. I have experience in writing on a wide range of specialist subjects including medical, environmental and financial.”

Oliver Rahman is a former journalist turned ghostwriter with experience writing for agencies and a wide range of international publications. He has a particular interest in business projects and has an MA in financial journalism from City University. As a student he lived in Kyoto, Japan, and freelanced for a variety of magazines before working at a TV production company and then at a London-based press agency. Oli writes a blog about ghostwriting and in his spare time can be found on Twitter complaining about Southern Rail.

Julian Wilkins qualified as a solicitor in 1988 and also as a Notary Public in 1995. He became a CEDR trained commercial mediator in 1997. Julian has an M.Phil. degree in tort and economic loss and a Diploma in EU law. He has extensive civil litigation experience, but now focuses on advisory and non-contentious media, Intellectual Property and general commercial legal advice. He has always had a keen interest in writing and journalism and works as editor of the ITN 1955 Club Newsletter. Julian founded and edited Blue Pencil magazine concerning IP law and the creative industries, including design and technology. He has written for other legal journals as well as written for the Guardian and Independent. Since 2011, Julian has been responsible for the London Screenwriters’ legal clinic and is a regular contributor to the EU’s Audio-Visual Observatory’s legal update newsletter, IRIS, providing insight into current legal and regulatory trends. He has also written for Broadcast magazine. Other experience includes lecturing final year commercial law students at the University of Sussex and providing contributions to the Westminster Media Forum. Julian is on the register of visiting lecturers for the University of Law and as an alumni member of University of Reading to provides support to its law faculty.

With an interest in environmental and renewable energy issues, Julian undertakes pro bono work as a director of the award winning Repower Balcombe, a renewable energy co-operative located in Sussex. With expertise in the areas of copyright and IP, Julian handles all the key legal issues and issues of due diligence throughout The London Ghostwriting Company, and is involved with all of the writing projects we service, as well as servicing writing projects as a ghostwriter personally. Julian has a particular interest in legal, economic, and industry led subjects particularly concerning the media and the automotive industry.

Shaku Lalvani is a professional and experienced qualitative researcher. She specialises in the interview aspect of our service when technicalities are concerned. With a 30-year background in research, she knows how to dig! She has worked for social, television, consumer, ethnic and arts clients including the BBC, C4, Disney, the Arts Council, and the V&A. Her experience spans all aspects of the research process, from creating ideas and developing strategies, services and products through to assessing advertising communication. Shaku has also been a joint course leader in qualitative research for postgraduate students at the London School of Economics. With such an extensive career in the field of research, her work collecting the data our writers often need is paramount to the entirety of our service.

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